Connect your Team with Tidbyt

Wherever they’re located, Tidbyt brings your team together in a fun and unique way.

Connect Work Celebrate 

Tidbyt for Teams

Quickly and easily cut through the noise. Reach your team with the information that matters.

Send messages through Slack or compose messages through our Web interface.

Build your own apps

Welcome new hires

Celebrate new members joining your team. Jump start their journey with a customized mix of good vibes, ranging from KPIs to cat emojis.

Build culture in a remote workplace

Celebrate company milestones, show recognition, display reminders, metrics and upcoming events.

More than just Work

Packed with hundreds of fun and useful apps, Tidbyt is not just a work device, and becomes an indispensable part of your employee's home.

Build your own

Easily build your own apps and connect them to your internal products. Securely and privately.