Tidbyt Gen 2
$199 $189

Pre-Orders are now open, with shipping starting in August 2024.

Introducing Tidbyt Gen 2, our best display yet! Running all the same amazing apps as the original Tidbyt, Gen 2 adds new features and improvements, such as:

👀 Enhanced display, striking up close, yet easily readable from a distance.

🖲️ Configurable touch button to skip ahead, pin, and more.

🔊 Audio speaker for audible alerts, notifications, and alarms.

📐 Built-in kickstand and wall mount allow for the perfect viewing angle.

Tidbyt Gen 2 pre-orders will start shipping out in August 2024. Order yours today to reserve your spot in the queue and get $10 off!

Pre-orders now open 

Control With a Tap

Skip ahead, go back, or interact. Our new touch control puts you in full control. No matter how many apps you put on our Tidbyt, just tap through to find the one that you're looking for.

Audio Notifications

Get notified when it matters. The Gen 2 has a minimalist mono speaker for audible alerts, notifications and alarms.

It definitely doesn't offer hi-fi stereo, but excels at beeps, boops and 8-bit tunes that will grab your attention

Introducing Tidbyt Gen 2 
shipping may 2024 

Enhanced Display

Our gorgeous new display brings you sharp text and clearer photos. It looks perfect up close, and is still easily readable from all the way across the room.

Light Up Any Space

Tidbyt Gen 2 fits perfectly on your desk, your bookshelf, or on your wall. The kickstand props it up for the perfect viewing angle when it's on your desk.

If you want to hang Tidbyt on your wall, the built-in mount gets it perfectly flush.